We produce and sell from storage in Moscow -50-10000kg. copper powder superfine dispersal. Сhemical cleanness of  99,999%. An origin is Russia.  Packing of  PAT jars for 2,5kg, filled by an argon, built in boxes 50kg. Packing is possible and in glass ampoules filled by an argon, weighing net of 200-250gram. isotopic composition  Cu63-69.09%(+/-0.05), Cu65-30.91%(+/-0.03). Closeness of 2,5-2,6gr/см3. A size of particles is to 40-45 microns. The certificate of Giredmet is present. Possibility of his production at the plant to 30000кg. monthly. Ready to sign a long-term contract. Photo, certificates on a commodity and contract send on demand. In the case of interest to  our suggestion ask to confirm your status (Consumer or  Trader ).
 Send to us the official request of LOI with pointing of all your legal essential elements, банковких essential elements, amount of powder, air field of setting, delivery dates et cetera. Ready after the receipt of official LOI from you, to send to you our draft contract for an acquaintance and signing of it in an electronic kind.
We send a certificate for an acquaintance.
manager Elena,  tel. 0086-134-83710349 , skype: skyline8507


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